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American antique coins have been made as early as the 1600s, and they have been made from denominations as small as a half-cent and as large as $100 coins. Discover why all old American coins are not necessarily valuable with help from a second-generation numismatist in this free video on American antique coins.

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Hello, I'm Brian Kuszmar with thecoinbroker.com. Let's talk a little bit about American antique coins. American antique coins, or, coins in general in the United States have been made as early as the sixteen hundreds. A lot of the legal issues didn't start until the seventeen hundreds, however, there have been coins made in the United States since the sixteen hundreds. They're the colonial issues, Continental currency. U.S. coins have been made from denominations as small as a half cent and as large as hundred dollar coins, mostly in the platinum series. We have half cents, we have large cents or one cent pieces, we have two cent pieces, we have three cent pieces. We have five cent pieces, which we call nickels. Dimes, quarters and halves. And, what else do we have? We have dollars, we have two and a half dollar gold pieces. We have three dollar gold pieces, four dollar gold pieces, and fives, tens and twenties. So we've made denominations in all different sizes, including, we also make a twenty five dollar American gold coin, now. Not many people know that, that's the current U.S. bullion issue that they make. The make 'em in denominations of fives, tens, twenty fives and fifties. One of the common misnomers about coins, and American old coins, in general, is that just because a coin is old, it's valuable. That's not necessarily true. We have coins in the United States that were made back in the, let's say, seventeen hundreds. Seventeen hundreds, eighteen hundreds, that you can buy for a dollar, two dollars and three dollars. And then you have coins that were made in the last ten years that cost thousands of dollars. So again, one of the misnomers about old coins is that they're always more valuable. Not necessarily true. It depends on how many were made, and supply and demand factors.


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