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In order to be a coin dealer, a person should first be a coin collector in order to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful dealer. Discover how to work as an apprentice in a coin shop with help from a second-generation numismatist in this free video on coin dealers.

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Video Transcript

Hello I am Brian Kuszmar with Let's talk about how to be a coin dealer. My first suggestion on learning how to be a coin dealer would be first to become a coin collector. It is important that you gain the skills, and the knowledge that are going to be required in the future for you to be able to grade coins, and ascertain prices. So my first suggestion again is get involved with a coin club or a local coin dealer that you can go talk to, and learn from. There are no schools for coins so it is not like you can go and go to school, and they will teach you how to be a coin dealer. It just doesn't work that way. It is one of those businesses that you probably have to work as an apprentice for someone or work in a coin shop in order to gain the knowledge. So again my suggestion would be first to go to a local coin club see what you can learn, and a lot of times at these little local coin clubs you have an opportunity to trade with other collectors. And most of the time you will start with stuff in the smaller range, maybe in the five and ten dollar range trading back and forth amongst each other. In my particular case I started working for my father so my business started out as a family business. And I started working for my dad in 1977 after school during the summer, but a lot of people's fathers are not in the coin business. So again you are at the mercy of trying to find a local dealer to go work for or learn from. That would be the best suggestion I can give you. Other than that if you don't have the opportunity to go work with a local shop I would also suggest you hit the local coin shows or perhaps hit the local coin clubs. Touching on coin shows. Coin shows are a good place for a collector or someone that wants to try being a coin dealer or work on being a coin dealer to go, and trade coins with other dealers. So again my suggestion coin shows, coin clubs, and befriended a coin dealer in order to become a coin dealer.


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