The Best Way to Test Fishing Line Strength

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The best way to test the strength of fishing line is by adjusting the tightness of the drag for proper tension. Avoid snapping the tippet or the leader when testing line strength with help from a fly fishing guide in this free video on testing fishing line strength.

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Video Transcript

Now, we're going to test the strength of the leader in tippet and your knot all at the same time. You see how I like to do it by using the rod. Setting the drag on the reel. Pulling on the fly end I guess about that bend and a drag comes out. I feel very comfortable with that amount of stress on the line to fight any fish with this happens to be a five X tippet. Again, if the drag is too tight on your you use the drag to do your testing. If the drag is too tight, you can see how far you can come. I wouldn't want to go any further than that without fear of breaking it. So, by adjusting the drag little bit looser adjusting the drag on the reel is critical. There's a drag adjustment dial on the side of it and each on has a click. So, you want this is how you will adjust it for the proper tension. If it's too loose, you're reel with free spool and cause tangles okay. If it's too tight, it wouldn't come off. You'll snap your tippet or your leader. So, therefore, if you set it just right, again by the drag adjustment as I pull you can see the handle spin. The line come off the reel nice and smooth. Trust your drag that is what is between you and your fly to keep your knots and your tippet and your leader material intact. Again, pulling it out. The reel lets loose. The drag is soft and smooth and out comes the line. That's a great way of testing your leader and your knots and your fly knot that you're using throughout the day.


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