How to Figure Discount Percentages

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Discount percentages are usually figured for some kind of order, and they typically aren't figured after tax is added. Find out how a 15 percent discount on a $100 item will result in an $85 item with help from the co-founder of a business advisory company in this free video on discount percentages.

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Video Transcript

Discount percentages are typically figured if you are figuring them on an order of some kind. If you are for instance let us say you are buying something, and they are giving you a fifteen percent discount. You would take the sum of all the items on that order. Typically you don't include the tax nor do you include the shipping if that is involved. It is just for the price of the goods. So you would let's say the goods were you bought four things at twenty-five dollars each that would be one hundred dollars total for the goods. You would take that fifteen percent divide it by one hundred to get a decimal equivalent. So a point one five is the same as fifteen percent, and you would take the cost of your good, which is one hundred dollars, and multiply that by point one five, which would give you fifteen dollars would be your discount amount. You would subtract the fifteen dollars from the one hundred dollars, and your net amount owed would be eighty-five dollars. There is another way of doing this, which says you can take if you know that the same example if you have got one hundred dollars worth of goods, and a fifteen percent discount you can take one minus the fifteen, one minus the point one five, and basically if you have got a fifteen percent discount it means you are paying eighty-five percent of the amount. So you can just take point eight five times the total of the one hundred dollars, and again you come up with an eighty-five dollar net figure that you owe.


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