How to Hit My Golf Ball Straighter

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In order to hit a golf ball straight, it's important for the club face to be flat against the golf ball, as an open face will influence a slice. Learn how to correct a slice or a hook in a golf shot with help from a Class A member of the PGA of America in this free video on hitting golf balls straight.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Kevin Battersby with in Coconut Creek, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to hit the golf ball straighter. So we've got to start with a premise. If you are slicing the ball then the club face is arriving to the ball with an open position. The first thing you want to check is your left hand position for right handed golfer. Nine out of ten times when I teach when people are slicing the ball and not hitting the ball straight to go from the slice to the straight shot it is going to require getting the club more in their fingers of the shaft of the grip, putting the hand more to the right and then also probably moving the right hand more under the shaft. So if you are slicing the ball check to see if you're not too far left with both hands making it hard to hit the ball straight promoting a slice. Let's say you are on the opposite side of the coin. Let's say you are hooking the ball too much and you want to learn to hit the ball straighter. Well then we have got to stop the rotation of the face. That would be done by looking at your hands making sure that they are not too far right which I just showed how to hook the ball and actually moving the hands more back to the left which is considered weakening your grip. A weak grip is actually a misnomer. The weaker grip as I am showing you here is used by the better player. This is considered a strong grip because it is used by the weaker player. God knows where they get these terms. Another way to hit the ball straighter if you are employing an interlocked grip and you are slicing the ball to your advantage would be to take a baseball grip and put all ten fingers on there. If you are slicing the ball we know the head is dragging and lagging behind your hands, the ten finger grip will help propel the head forward and give you a little bit more hand action release putting a little right to left spin on the ball. This has been Kevin Battersby. Thanks for watching.


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