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In golf, the yips refers to a mental block that occurs when a golfer is putting, and it causes the hands and arms to move erratically. Discover ways to get rid of the yips, such as not looking at the ball when putting, with help from a Class A member of the PGA of America in this free video on the yips in golf.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Kevin Battersby with battersbygolf.com in Coconut Creek, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to overcome the yips. The yips are described as really when you have a short putt or even a chip that you get in the way of your own self and your own activity maybe the best description for some players would be think of a tennis player that has an overhead, how does a professional tennis player miss an overhead by the net? Well there is something going on more mentally in that aspect than technically but let's go back to golf and talk about how to get rid of your yips. One of the best ways I know is to get a longer putter which I have here which takes away some of the wrist action and hand action because as I spread my arms and keep them down here the triangle of my arms and shoulders remains constant but what happens when I get into a shorter putt where there is less motion again we need something that helps us get rid of the yips that's even better. My recommendation which as been done on the tour by many players, it's a little bit scary but it works is to not look at the ball when you putt. You'll notice I put the club down here, I do my normal routine, I'm putting with this ball a foot left of me right now, I do my normal routine, I line up. Prior to hitting the shot I look at the hole with my eyes and then make my stroke. What this does is take away what we call the ball bound syndrome that the player has and my focus on the target. Now interest enough the Latin root of the word intuition interui means to look at or to see. When we threw balls as kids e didn't look at our hand, we looked at the target so we might be going back to some of the basic fundamentals we used in sports as children which is far better than the intellect and the thinking mode which gets us in trouble causing yips and causing fear. So again to get rid of the yips you can get a long putter but you also can look at the hole without looking at the ball while you stroke which will free up your mind and give you a more fluid stroke. This is Kevin Battersby showing you how to get rid of the yips.


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