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To naturally remedy a urinary tract infection in a cat, combine equal parts pipsissewa, bochu, uva ursi and echinacea root in a mason jar, cover the herbs with 80-proof alcohol, and let them steep for two to four weeks. Create a tincture of herbs to help cleanse a cat's kidneys with help from a practicing herbalist in this free video on natural pet remedies.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Deserie with HerbalWise in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm going to show you a home remedy for treating a UTI in cats. I recommend a tincture of the following herbs. Pipsissewa, buchu, uva ursi, and echinacea root in equal parts. First I am adding a quarter cup of pipsissewa, which is helps to reduce swelling, has a drying astringent effect on tissue, and kills germs that cause infections in the urinary tract. Next I am adding a quarter cup of buchu. Buchu has diuretic properties, and helps to flush away detrimental bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Then I am going to add a quarter cup of uva ursi. Uva ursi when it is being passed out of the body acts on the mucous membranes of the urinary tract so that it soothes irritation, reduces inflammation, and fights infection. And then lastly I am adding echinacea root, which most people know fights infection. It is like a natural antibiotic. Then I am going to go ahead, and I am going to open up the herbs so that they release better into the solvent that we are using to make the tincture. Once you have opened up the herbs you want to go ahead, and pour them into a mason jar or some kind of glass jar that has a tight fitting lid. We call this method the simplers method. We are going to cover the herbs with eighty proof alcohol. In this case I am using vodka. So you want to completely cover the herbs, make sure you have a tight fitting lid. It is always a good idea to label your jars with the ingredients, and the date that you have made them. You want to let your jar of herbs steep for two to four weeks. After two to four weeks you will strain the herbs out with cheese cloth and a mesh strainer, and you are ready to use the tincture for treating your UTI in your cat. I recommend a glass dropper bottle. You want to dilute one to two dropper fulls in one ounce of distilled water, and repeat that three times a day until the symptoms go away. I am Deserie with HerbalWise, and that is home remedy for UTI in a cat.


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