Yoga Exercise for Hip Pain

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A simple yoga position for dealing with hip pain is called the runner's lunge, and it involves releasing the hip flexor towards the ground. Find out how to do the bridge pose to help hip pain with help from an advanced yoga instructor in this free video on yoga hip exercises.

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So the hip joint is a ball and socket joint and it can move in all different directions. It's really important to keep the hip joint nice and mobile because it helps keep our knees nice and healthy and also our back. So one simple way to do this is just a simple, some people call it a runner's lunge, there's really no technical term for it. But basically you're going to get down, one leg up. Your left knee is directly over your ankle and in line with your second toe. That's to protect the knee. Your back leg, your feet are laid flat. If this is uncomfortable for your knee you can place a blanket under your knee to make it a little softer. And basically what we're doing is we're working this hip flexor. So we're releasing it down towards the ground. And we want to sit up nice and tall here to get more of a stretch in the hip flexor. So you can place both hands on the knee and you can push down through the knee to really get that stretch in the right hip flexor. This is really easy for you. You can take your right arm, left hand on the ground, reach back and grab your left leg and press gently forward, that'll give you even more of a stretch in your hip flexor. Now make sure this knee is staying nice and in line with that second toe. That'll keep you nice and safe. Just do this for a couple breaths. Maybe five breaths. And then release. To the second side. So second side, again knee over ankle, knee over second toe. And again you'll feel this in this hip flexor. Both hands on the knee pressing down. Breathing. Again, if that's easy for you go ahead and grab that left leg and just gently pull forward keeping this hip moving down towards the ground. And release. Another exercise you can do is the bridge pose. So you're laying on your back. This is called bridge pose. So keeping your feet nice and parallel and keeping knees just in line with the hips so they don't splay out, you're going to lift your pelvis opening up those hip flexors and you're going to inch your shoulders, clasping your hands underneath you, and pressing through the heels you're going to lift your pelvis and then lengthen your tail bone towards yours heels. So you're getting a nice lift and a nice elongation. It's a great way to open up those hip flexors. Holding here. Keeping your neck nice and long. Just breathing. You can push down through the shoulders and through the heels of the feet to lift and open the front of your body. Holding here, breathing. And release. And you can do that a few times holding it for five or six breaths.


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