Yoga Pranayama Breathing Exercises

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Yoga pranayama exercises include the ujiya breath, which starts with a comfortable sitting position and continues with inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Learn about avoiding deep breaths in pranayama exercises with help from an advanced yoga instructor in this free video on yoga breathing exercises.

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So, there are many different types of breathing techniques. I'm going to show you the very basic technique and it's called the ujiya breath. So, the first thing you want to do is find a very comfortable way of sitting. Usually, a cross-legged position where your sit bones are rooting through the ground and you have a nice long spinal cord. If you have trouble sitting like this for long periods of time you can always sit against a wall which will help support your back muscles. Five, ten minutes of breathing can make a huge difference in how you feel in relaxation in the rest of your day. So, the ujiya breath is a sound that you make, and it's kind of like if you were to breathe; if you were to create fog on a window you'd kind of just, like that. It's that sound but with your mouth closed, so you're breathing; you're inhaling and exhaling throughout your nose. So, sitting comfortably you can close your eyes and just simply counting the breath and the inhale and on the exhale is just a great simple technique to relax. So, closing your mouth you can close your eyes. You're going to take an inhale through the nose and count five breaths. And then you're going to exhale five breaths. The important part about pranayama is not getting greedy with the breath, and what I mean by that is not trying to get too much breath. That causes a lot of stress and anxiety and, you know, if you're ever gasping for breath you're not doing pranayama properly. So, just very gently. Your face is nice and relaxed, tall spinal, closing the eyes, inhale, count for let's say four. You can set a timer maybe for five minutes and that way you're not disturbed and you're not looking around, and when time's up you're ready to go.


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