How to Do Easy, Good-Looking Street Dance Moves

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In order to do easy, good-looking street dance moves, it's important to add swagger to street dance moves, such as the running man. Find out how to do the dance steps for other street dance moves with help from professional hip-hop dancers and choreographers in this free video on street dance moves.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Zetta and I'm Bliss and we're at the Junkyard at Hollywood, Florida. In this clip we're going to show you how to do an easy, good looking street dance move. She's the good looking one, I'm the dancer alright? Now when it comes down to it it is pretty much, it's like I said in other clips it's a swag. You can't get any better than that. Now the basic one a lot of people like to do is like kind of like the little shuffle with their feet, you know what I mean just to get the beat of that feel so when you are coming out, just exactly how she was showing it a little bit. You want to come boom and boom and boom and boom. Let's slow that down a bit because I know you guys are like show it to me slower, alright. You are going to come out with your right foot pop at the same time your left hand is coming out and at the same time you come back with the right foot, you come out with the left and your right hand is up. Now the same time slowly you are going to come out pop and pop and pop and pop, bring it back and also another one of the street dance moves that I love so much and I showed in one of the other clips is actually the boom, pop, boom, cup, boom, cup, and boom, cup, speed it up, five six, ready go and pop, boom, o'kay sorry I was getting a little ahead of myself with the music. Oh and this is one of a favorite amongst the 80's. It's the running man, o'kay, everybody knows it. A lot of kids know it too but they don't actually know what it's called they just do it anyway. Alright so we're going actually look, I'm going to look towards her and she is going to look towards me. So we are going to show you both ways. So what it is is you are running in place. It doesn't matter how you do it, you are just running. You could just be going boom, that's running man. Now if you want to add a little crazy good looking styles, you are going to add your hands, alright and that's showing you easy good looking street dance move, once again good looking, dancer. Once again my name is Bliss, this is Zetta. Thank you for watching.


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