Treating an Infected Belly Button

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Treating an infected belly button piercing requires keeping it clean at all times, never touching it with dirty hands and keeping a warm compress over it as often as possible. Use a wound wash saline solution on an infected belly ring with helpful information from an experienced piercer in this free video on body piercing care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Noel Garcia, the owner of New Age Body Piercing, Coconut Grove, Miami. We're going to show you in this clip how to take care a basic navel piercing. The best way to take care of an infected navel piercing is actually to always keep it clean. There are a few rules on how to take care of your navel piercing. Rule number one is do not ever touch it with dirty hands. Second rule, do not use no chemicals, drugs, whatsoever of how to take care a navel piercing. Navel piercings are actually the dirtiest part in your body believe it or not. We don't usually take care and clean our piercings in our navels especially. The best way if you have an infection; and by the way if you have an infection it means, if your pierces have an infection or you went to your doctor and they say you have an infection and that doctor has not given any antibiotics and that kind of stuff, best way to do it at home is actually is always have some kind of warm cloth or tissue paper; nice warm water, place it on top; if you're watching TV, you're not doing anything, place it on top. There's some products; it's called Wound Wash Saline Solution, that kind of stuff helps very very good. You can always spray it on top of the piercing, it's a nice warm water, place it on top and let that piercing heal there for a little bit and have it clean. It's always good to have some, a Q-tip to remove any abscess of puss, scabs or any dirt that you have around the piercing and the area. Another really good thing to do to take care of your piercings; when you're in the shower and you're actually in a not; you're ready to come out of the shower, you wash your hair especially for girls, you wash your hair, soap, water, everything; spend the last ten seconds letting the water hitting your navel coming down. Put your finger in the middle of that piercing and do this; okay; well, your hands clean of course you're in the shower; so you can actually let any soap, dirty water, sweat from the day that you had in the shower. And that's pretty much basic little simple rules to take care. Another really good trick too is actually to maintain some kind of lubrication; some kind of Vaseline treatment and maybe tap it here and there. Do not use no alcohol ever on a piercing; no kinds of drugs, no kinds of chemicals or whatsoever. It's not recommended, that can actually make the piercing worse. Once again, this has been Noel Garcia, thank you for watching.


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