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In dance, popping is all about popping the body by flexing muscles and grinding shoulders, while locking is a way to cut off flowing movements. Find out the differences between popping and locking with help from a dancing instructor and entertainer in this free video on popping and locking.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, CJ Kendricks here, Gotta Dance Atlanta and CJ and the Chronics. Today I'm going teach you how to pop and lock. First I need to explain the difference between the two. Popping, popping is one thing where what you want to do is pop your body. That means you flex your muscles as you ground your shoulders each time. So I want you to try it with me. We're going to lean to the left as we lean to the left we're going to grind our shoulders, flex our muscles in every part of our body, and you'll see a pop. You want to do this twice to each side. You'll start left, and lift the right arm and then go right and lift the left arm. Watch me. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Now you try it. Once again, as you go to your right you lift your left arm, as you go to your left, you lift your right arm. At the same time, you have to really flex every muscle in your body, particularly your arms. At the same time you do that, ground your shoulders. Boom, boom, twice, twice. And that's how you pop. Now for the second part of this demonstration, I'd like to teach you guys a little bit about locking. Locking is a little different than popping in that it's just that. One is popping the other is locking. What that means is, you flow from one move to the next and then have a locking point. Whereas popping is stiff the whole time, locking is smooth and lock in place, smooth and lock in place. OK? Now with that said, I'm going to show you a basic locking combination. We're going to do something really simple. We're going to bend down on the right side, bend both legs but lean over towards your right side. Lock, lock, point. As you point, make sure you line your arm in, all the way under and stretch out to point. Once again that's lock, lock, point. Boom, boom, pop. Boom, boom, pop. Boom, boom, pop. Now one other basic locking step, how to get to the ground with a fluid movement while locking. From your boom, boom, pop you want to right and step at the same time until you're down. You want to make sure you have a full extension in this right leg and that you feel the floor with your left hand. That's your locking part, OK? From here you can bring this right foot in, both hands on your knee simultaneously, boom, then as you step in with your right foot and simultaneously put your hands on your right knee you're going to use these hands you'll use as pressure to aid in your jump. Then you're going to jump up, tucking your knees under you pointing to the left with your left arm and then laying back in your initial locking position, like so, hey, and back to your lock. And that ladies and gentlemen, is your locking demonstration. OK guys, so now that I've show you your basics on popping and a simple locking combination, we're going to see both of those in action. Check it out. And there you have it, there's your popping. OK guys, you've seen the popping demonstration, you're not done yet. I've got one more to for you, a simple locking combination, check it out. And there you go, pop and lock with CJ, Gotta Dance Atlanta, and CJ and the Chronics, peace.


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