How to Play Double Solitaire


Double solitaire is like the single version of Klondike, but instead of using one deck, two decks of cards are used. Find out how to deal out a game of double solitaire with help from an experience card game player in this free video on double solitaire.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about Double Solitaire. Now when people say Solitaire, "I'm going to play Solitaire", they typically mean a game called Klondike. It's as if the names are going to change; but well, Double Solitaire is Double Klondike and as you can imagine instead of being played with one deck, it's played with two. I have here two identical decks except one is red and one is blue; but they are the same size decks; I'm going to shuffle them together and we're going to play some Double Solitaire or if you will, Klondike Max. Alright. Now in Klondike we have a tableau or board of seven piles. In Double Solitaire, Double Klondike, we have nine. So I'm going to take a double deck and I'm going to deal out; one and this is from your perspective; three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. And then, I'm going to turn one face up and continue with my piles. And you'll see that the piles get progressively longer as you move from left to right. I'm not so good with Geometry, not the best at creating something that is aesthetically beautiful with my hands; so probably when you deal out your tableau or board, it will be a much prettier shape. Here we go; we've got a tableau of nine piles; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and this is from your perspective. After you deal this what you're going to do is you're going to take from your stock pile and you're going to turn over three cards; you're going to see if you can play them and you're going to try to play them on either the tableau or you're going to try to move cards up to one of the eight foundations. Klondike or Solitaire has four foundations, the double version has double the amount; eight. And the way that you move cards to the foundation; let's start with an ace, use an ace on the tableau; put, let's put it here; it's on the first foundation space. Let's turn over the card that was below it; another ace; ace of spades. Sure Lemmy Kilmister will be happy and then we turn over a card; there's a two; two of diamonds. It doesn't work for our foundation cards, but over here on the tableau, we have the two of hearts. Look at that. Two hearts goes up, put it on to the ace of hearts and we're building a foundation. We turn over the next card on the tableau to replace that two that we turned up. Look at that, another ace; ace of diamonds. Move that up to the foundation; turn over the card that was below it; another ace of diamonds. Now as we're playing with two decks, there's going to be two of every suit. So you can imagine that there would be two aces of diamonds. We now have an empty spot on our tableau and when we come across a king, we can put it there. Let's look at our tableau and see what place we can make. Well, the way that Klondike and Double Klondike or Double Solitaire work is you can move cards around so long that you're moving them to a card that is opposite in color and one higher in value. So on the tableau, you're going down; you're going in descending order. You can go from king; it's possible to go from king all the way down to duce; all the way down to ace as a matter of fact but of course you would move the ace up to the foundation. On the foundation, you're building ascending, the opposite of how you build on the tableau. Let's see what was under on that eight of clubs; six of clubs. We do have a move; it's this eight over here; red eight onto black nine and I see a black seven; so it gets to move over here after I throw it about. There's the queen of spades; I currently have no moves I can make; save; moving this two of diamonds up to the ace of diamonds; move it up to the foundation. What happens when I turn over this card; king of spades. It fills in; let's fill in this blank spot over here so we don't forget about it 'cause remember there's nine piles on the tableau. Turn over this card; it is a red eight. I have no play for a red eight; so I then look up here to my waste pile and look, it can be played, ten of hearts. So I turn over three more cards from the stock pile. Now I have a play; red queen onto black king that reveals the red six from the waste pile; I move down to the tableau onto a black seven and so on. The object of the game is to move all of these cards up to the eight foundation piles. If you're able to do that, then you've won the game of Double Solitaire. Congratulations!


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