How to Become an Actor Without Experience

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In order to become an actor without any experience, it's advisable to start by getting into a community theatre show. Find out how to become an actor through training and experience with tips from an acting coach in this free video on becoming an actor without experience.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Elena Maria Garcia and I'm with Bluedog Acting School for Kids in Miami, Florida. OK let's talk about how to become an actor without experience. Hmm, you probably will be able to get into like a community theater show of some sort but then there again, how good will your performance be? How far can you get with just that? The way I always look at it is I wouldn't want to go to a doctor that doesn't have experience, right? So you want to have experience. You need to have experience even if it's taking a couple classes here and there, reading your plays, watching old movies, watching technique, understanding and yes, auditioning for community theater and getting some experience from that but you have to have experience, if not, everyone will move forward and you will stay behind. You'll become very frustrated with something you really want to do and something you love. So if you really want to do this and you want to be a professional, then you need to get experience. You can also if you have a movie camera, which nowadays almost everybody has one, a little hand held, you can go ahead and start filming your own movies, write your own little scripts, etcetera and put it up and observe yourself and watch what you've done but then again, how good are you? How good will the quality of your acting be without experience? Without the classes? Without the guidance? And the understanding of technique and form. You can only get so far. So you need to think about that, you need to think about how badly do I want to be an actor and how badly do I want to be a really good actor. I know what you're saying, I know you're saying wait a minute, there's a lot of people that have gone into films that have had no experience whatsoever. Absolutely, you're absolutely right, but this is thing, they know people or they've got lots of money. Of course they can, but how good were they? That's what you need to think about, how good do you want to be?


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