How to Set a Graphic Equalizer

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Setting a graphic equalizer can help the room equalization on big soft-mounted speakers in a recording studio. Find out how to adjust a graphic EQ with information from an independent recording engineer and producer in this free video on music recording.

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Video Transcript

Hey, here we are again today in the recording studio. We are actually in one of the back rooms of the recording studio, rarely seen by anyone but engineers and we're looking at some, a pair of graphic equalizers that are, can be used for a room equalization on big speakers, big soffit mounted speakers mounted in the studio, and that is what these are used for but actually a graphic equalizer can be used for many different things. It is just a different form of an equalizer. The graphic part means it actually sets a graph. You can adjust these and they have the appearance of being graphical, hence graphic equalizer and each different band, it is frequency selectable, each different band has its own volume control either up or down. You can boost or cut and if you've ever heard the term the smiley face curve, that's referring to what it would look like on a graphic equalizer and that's when you have it going and it can start with no gain at all in the low end and it dips in the mid range and then comes up to no gain in the high end and that could either be universally raised or lowered but it's called the smiley curve and it has a little bit of a dip in the mid range and it is a little bit higher on the top and the bottom, graphic EQ's. Now in the digital world in our programs that we use such as New Window, Pro Tools and such you see these same type of devices but they are actually on the screen so you can take your mouse and adjust them on the screen. This is just an analogue version in real life as to how or what it actually looks like and you can adjust the either 60 B or 12 DB per octave. You can adjust a high cut, a low cut, a gain and turn the EQ all the way on or all the way off. That's a graphic EQ.


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