Basketball Pick & Roll: Setting the Screen

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In basketball, the pick and roll screen is usually set by a post player. Set a screen for the pick and roll with tips from a basketball coach in this free video on basketball offensive drills.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Sean Hobson. When talking about setting up the screen and roll offense one of the most important things that we need to do is get that initial screen from the post player. Now you would think that the post player just has to simply come up and set a screen but that is not exactly true. We want to make sure to come up in the exact right spot so first of all these post players have to be watching to see what the point guard does. Based on which direction a point guard dribbles, that will tell us which post player we want to come up. So go ahead and we are going to dribble to this side. Once this post player recognizes that he is dribble down to the side he wants to come up to set the screen. We want to set the screen with our outside foot on the three point line in the middle of the court. Now once he sets the screen or once he gets in position, he wants to set a good sturdy screen and he wants to hold it. A lot of times when we see post players come up in the screen and roll they don't actually set a screen. Go ahead and come up and I'll show you. Actually they'll come up and they'll roll before they ever set the screen. The most important part of it is setting the good screen. Then after the guard passes off your shoulder, then you can go into the next portion of the offense which is going to be the roll. But the main thing is setting that initial screen for the post player.


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