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Write college research papers that discuss several points drawn from researching a topic and come to a concrete conclusion. Conclude college research papers with a works cited page using information from a writer and playwright in this free video on writing skills.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Laura Turner, and today I'm going to talk with you about college research papers. Research paper is kind of a daunting thing, especially if you're doing your first one, so I have a few tips for you on how to organize it and how to start writing it. First of all decide on your topic and make sure it's not too broad or too narrow for the length that you are required to write in this particular paper. A five page paper will have about three big points in it in my estimation, a ten page paper is going to have pretty much double that amount, okay, an eight page paper is going to be a little bit more like a ten page paper, you can probably squeeze in as much in a ten page as you can in an eight page, so think about it that way. And for a really big paper, like a sixty page research paper you're going to need to break it down into sections, they're actually going to have like several different papers all melted into one. So think about the length and the topic. Next you're going to want to start gathering your research, do this as early as possible, because if it's a research paper you're going to need to have that stuff to backup your opinions, if it's just an opinion paper that doesn't need any research, then you're not going to need to anything like this, but if it's a research paper start doing your research immediately. If you're researching on-line I always suggest double checking yourself by researching that same thing in the library in an actual book, so you don't get bunk information from websites, so really try to checkup on yourself on that. Separate your research into categories, for example, you're researching the current election, you need information on Obama and Biden, and Palin and McCain, right, those are your categories, and you're going to want to get as much information on their family life, their platforms, their background history, and things like this, so you can really compile a very thorough investigation into all the points you need to make. And finally make sure you draw a concrete conclusion, if we're still working off the question of the paper and the topic of the paper is the current election, you're going to narrow that down and say who is going to win the current election, and through this research paper you're going to figure it out, right? So make sure that all the information that you gathered and put into your paper is going to come to a concrete conclusion, and that information actually supports your conclusion, okay. And then finally make work cited page, because since this is a research paper you've got a lot of stuff you're pulling from that's not your own, make sure that you cite them correctly according to whatever format that you need to cite them, and put them into a work cited page. And those are some tips for college research papers.


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