What Is a Printer?

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A printer is a machine used by computers to print out documents on paper in order to have a physical copy of text documents, diagrams or photos. Find a printer that produces high-quality images, but may cost a lot to operate, with advice from a certified computer technician in this free video on computer printers.

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Video Transcript

I'm Jonathan Ayres with Network for Success and today we are going to talk about what is a printer? Well a printer is a machine that we use in computing in order to print out documents on paper so that we can save them or pass them around or mail them. And behind me today I have a, two examples of printers. On my left I have a laser printer and on my right I have what is called an ink jet printer. They both provide perfectly good copies, quickly. Of any documents that you might want to print whether they are word documents, diagrams, or photos. Both of them will do all these types of paper documents. Is one better then the other? Well it depends on what quality but typically a laser printer is going to have a higher quality then an ink jet printer. But it may cost more to operate. Now we have to have printers in order to see our documents on paper so when you decide that you want to buy a printer then you have to decide what you want to use the printer for. So if you are basically going to be printing photographs all the time, you probably want to do some research to make sure that the printer you buy not only offers good quality for the photographs but is also has a reasonable cost of printing because printers vary widely in the cost of operation. And it's important to talk with people that know who are selling these machines in order to find out what's a reasonable cost. On the other hand if you buy a laser printer for doing your photographs you'll get very, very good quality. It just may cost more to operate it. So when we think about what is a printer, what we are thinking about is a machine that is used to print documents from our computer.


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