How to Test Fuel Pressure on Your Car

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It's difficult to test fuel pressure on a car without an expensive master fuel injection pressure testing kit. Take a car with suspected fuel pressure problems to a garage with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repair and diagnostics.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe and today we are going to talk about how to test fuel pressure on your vehicle. The down side to this is to be able to test the fuel pressure on these newer vehicles of say 92 and up it is real difficult without having a six to seven hundred dollar master fuel injection pressure tester kit which most of us don't have readily handy. The best thing I can say is if you believe you have a fuel pressure problem I would suggest taking it to a garage and let them test it, by the time you get done buying all the equipment to do it, it is just as easy to spend $40 at the garage and have somebody check it out for you. I'll explain on this 04 Jeep how they do it. They would take this line right here, here is your fuel line right here, and remove this clip right here and there is a special tool that goes up inside here and releases that fuel line. You take that fuel line off and your gage would go in between here and your fuel line and this fuel rail. They put it all back together. Your gage would hang up here. They turn your key on and the fuel pump would send the fuel up through here up to the gage and bring it up to probably about 42 PSI which is about where these fuel injected motors sit and then you would be able to see. You can start it up, run it, watch and make sure that it is up where it needs to be or it is not dropping off but that's how I would use it. I would recommend that if you do consider having a fuel pressure problem is taking it to a local shop and let them look at it for you but if you are a die hard mechanic, they have got tools out there if you feel like spending the money for it but that is how they would do it. I wouldn't recommend trying to do it at home unless you have the equipment.


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