How to Replace a Radiator

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When replacing a car's radiator, wear safety glasses and make sure that the car is cooled down before draining the antifreeze out of the radiator. Use a repair manual as a guide when replacing a radiator with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repair and diagnostics.

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Video Transcript

My name is Tom Brintzenhofe a Certified Master Mechanic out of Reading, Pennsylvania and today we are going to talk about how to change your vehicle's radiator. The first thing I want to say to you guys is it is probably a good idea to wear, you have got fluids up inside of here and you are going to be draining them out from underneath so put your safety glasses on. You can get antifreeze up inside your eyes, rust falls down. It is a good idea to put these on and have them with you. The first thing you want to do, this is an 04 Jeep would be to take off your radiator cap and make sure the engine has been sitting for quite a while nice and cooled down, take your cap off and set it somewhere you are not going to lose it go up underneath the vehicle, you might have to buy yourself a repair manual as per your vehicle to find out where everything is, each vehicle is different so we are just going to simplify it a little bit here. Drain your antifreeze out of your radiator, take your two radiator hoses off, you have a top one and a bottom one, some vehicles have heater hoses coming out of your radiator transmission lines, oil coolers and what not so I can't really say specifically for each vehicle how to do it but check your repair manual. You can pick it up at any local repair shop and it will be able to tell you step by step how to do it but I'm just going to go over it real quick here for you. Take your hoses off, your fan shroud is usually held on by a couple clips or a couple bolts, either way just take them out, slide your fan shroud back a little bit. There should be two or three clips on your radiator itself or two or three bolts or four bolts on your radiator, take them out. It should be fairly easy to just pull your radiator right out of the truck, set your new one in there and just hook everything up in reverse. It is not real hard. I do recommend you do grab yourself a repair manual because like I said every vehicle is a little different. There are some tricks that you might not know without actually having a repair manual but it is real simple and you should be able to do it at home, not a big deal. Follow your repair manual, walk in the park, weekend job.


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