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When cooking a chicken fajitas recipe, cut chicken in a pan. Discover how to cut chicken for fajitas with expert tips from a chef in this free video on how to make chicken fajitas.

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You're close to the oven, careful of the heat and getting too close. Wish, wish, wish, I had a gas stove and a gas range here but I don't. But, especially with gas if you're using gas, be careful as your close to it and stuff and if you're lifting anything, and your clothing and what not close to the stove. Be real careful. For the sake of showing you guys how to cut my chicken, I'm actually going to grab one of my cutting boards down here. I'm going to grab this cutting board here just to show you guys what the chickens going to look like after I cut it. So, I do, like I mentioned, cut inside of my pan but for you guys so you can see what this looks like, I'm going to just show you. Ok? I'm going to cut my chicken into strips like so. Ok? I hold my chicken down and I hold it kind of in its place with just my fork and then I use my other hand with my knife to cut the strips like so. You're chicken should not be completely done at this point. You don't want it to be completely finished because you've got all that marinade and the juices inside of it and you want it to cook inside of the pan while your cutting, or sorry, while you've got the chicken cooking. You don't want it fully cooked you want some of those juices and stuff to cook with the chicken as it is cooking itself. Alright. I'm going to keep cutting this chicken, and we'll come back here in just a second when this chickens all ready to go for the next step.


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