How to Make a Pop-Up Card

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Pop-up cards add animation to the tradition of exchanging cards on special occasions. Make a pop-up card with tips from a scrapbooker in this free video on arts and crafts.

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Video Transcript

There. I love cards that move. And I love pop up cards. And that's what I'd like to show you how to make today. Because wouldn't your kids love to open a card and have it have some animation? I'm Janet Casto your independent demonstrator with Stampin' Up! So let's get started. The first thing I'm going to do is using this old olive card stock I'm going to cut a card that's a regular size 5 1/2 times 4 1/4, score it. And them I'm going to cut another piece that's 5 by 4, 5 1/4 I'm sorry, 5 1/4 by, my measurements are off today, by 8 1/4, and then what I'm going to do is find the middle of that card and cut two slits. Now there's two ways you can do that. You can use your exacto knife, be sure you have a pad underneath your cutting surface, or you can use your scoring blade, and that's what I like to use. So I'm going to go in about 2 1/4 inches and I'm going to make about a 1 1/2 inch slit. So I've already done that and your slit size will depend on the size that you're going to use for your pop up. So once you cut your slit go ahead and fold it, crease it down so it'll pop up. Now the next thing to do to assemble the card is after you've decorated the front is go ahead and put a little of adhesive on the back of this card stock. And now you'll see why I used the same color. Because I want this to blend in so they'll see the pop up and not just the color of the card. So I want to line up my score lines. You've got about a quarter inch border all around. Go ahead and put that in. Make sure your pop up opens and it does. And then since this is a birthday card of course I'm going to have my pop up be a birthday cake. So I'm going to put a little adhesive. And what you can do so you don't get too much adhesive is put the adhesive right on the pop up part. Go ahead and lay your birthday cake right on top and then give it a test. And there's my pop up. A couple of little tricks you want to watch out for is your pop up can be no longer than your card or it'll show or no higher than the width and everything. It has to be able to fit right in that card. So once again here's the front of the card. It says Happy Birthday. And I've used the die cut adhesives. And then when you open up there's the birthday cake. This is a lot of fun. The kids will like it. The adults will like it. I'm Janet Casto your independent demonstrator with Stampin' Up! And I hope you'll try these fun pop up cards. Happy stamping.


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