How to Become an NBA Basketball Player

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The ultimate goal of many basketball players is to play professionally in the NBA. Become an NBA basketball player with tips from a semi-professional basketball player in this free video on basketball tips.

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Video Transcript

The ultimate goal of playing basketball for a lot of players, street ball and otherwise is making it to the league, the NBA. Hi, I'm Travis and this is a couple of tips about how exactly you can make it to the league. Number one, first thing you do, you want to do when you're playing and trying to get to the NBA is you want to make sure that you get the same thing with any other, with any other level that you're trying to reach weather it collegian or otherwise you want exposure. You want coaches and scouts to see who you are, know your name and realize what kind of game that you have. So you want to show them the best possible you, you can show them. So when you're out, when you're playing you want to try to maximize your strengths so that they know what your strengths are and what you're good at but you want to minimize your weaknesses, and the way you do that is through running drills, finding out what your weaknesses are using tape and film to find out what, where you're weak and in working on that particular area. Now specifics about getting into the NBA, What you want to first do is a lot of players what they do is they get into college. Once they get into college and get on the NCAA level they have to excel, now if you excel on that NCAA level and you get the exposure that you really need, and scouts see you then you can either if you're, if you're a top notch player and you do well through out your college career then exposure comes, and you may get an invitation to enter the draft or you can enter the draft; put your name in the draft for the NBA or if you don't go to college and let's say you're good enough or you have the height, the height advantage at an earlier age after high school to skip the NBA and go to, skip the college and go to NBA then what you need to do, same thing exposure. You need people to see you, you need to be seen, you need your name out there but you need people to know what your strong points are so that you can execute and they can see that, and see how to internalize that into their own basketball program. So try your best once you leave college, once you enter college to put your name in the top, top echelon have; get as much exposure as you need, play as hard as you can at all times because that is just like your resume for any job. Exposure, getting everything out so everyone sees exactly what you can so. There you have it, playing pro basketball in the NBA.


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