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In soundproofing, the best sounding booths are in a diamond shape. Build a sound booth with tips from an acoustics specialist in this free video on soundproofing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Arthur Noxon, from Acoustic Sciences Corporation. Right now we're going to spend a couple of minutes talking about, how to build a sound booth. Okay, well the best way to build it is to try not to build it. So, lets do this. We have a room, we want to build a sound booth in the room, we don't have much money, we've got to get as much as we can do. The most typical and best sounding sound booths are diamond shape, so you add a 2 foot or a 2 1/2 foot wall here, a 2 foot or 2 1/2 foot wall here, go buy a door and put it in here, make it a door with a window in it; if you're going to use a window, always use laminated glass in all your studio windows. If you are in a noisy room, because this is actually a live room, and there's drums, and there's other instruments, and you're trying to have a vocal, lead vocal, and the rest of the band is playing. Then what you have to do is literally make two walls, and two doors, and two windows. Put building R11, or R14, 19, something like that, building insulation between the two walls, make the doors air tight. And the bottom of the door, here's one door, and here's the next door; this is like a motel room door set up. Your threshold looks like this, okay, so you might have to carve that out, a double threshold. And then where the door closes you buy and use compression seals. Between the doors you need sound absorption. You've got sound absorption between the walls, you need sound absorption between the doors, so you get a sound panel, glue in onto one of the doors, in order to knock down the buildup of chatter between the doors. So that's going to work out pretty well. The ceiling needs to be at an angle. You've got to go into the sound booth, and do something about- here's the ceiling, wall, and floor, out here is our new wall that we just built. We need to change the angle of the ceiling. So come in here and figure out how to do that, you might hang something like this, coming down like that, you might do something to kill the vertical parallelness between the floor and the ceiling. And that'll be another trick to making your sound booth. The interior of the sound booth also needs to be detailed out, corner bass traps, a typically a 2 inch fiberglass panel. Here's the ceiling, here's the wall, install that fiberglass panel there, put a 2 by 2 here, and a 2 by 2 there. Do this in all the corners all around the room, then take that same sound panel, and put it in vertical stripes, a 6 inch by 5 foot, 6 inches by 5 foot by vertical stripes all the way around the room, maybe even 6 or 7 feet high, and 6 inch spaces between each one, you'll have a very diffusive sounding room, and still bright. Put the same kind of paneling on the ceiling, because what you want to do is kill some sound, diffuse the rest. Because you want a sense of liveliness, it's supposed to be a live room, not a dead room. Okay, that's how to build a vocal booth.


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