The Heimlich Maneuver: Conscious Choking Child

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The Heimlich maneuver is done to treat a conscious choking victim by forcing air quickly up the throat from the lungs to force the obstruction out. Be prepared for emergency situations such as this with tips and advice from a 30-year emergency veteran in this free video on treatments.

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Video Transcript

You know, a medical emergency in an infant, can be a pretty scary and traumatic process, for a parent or a rescuer. Hi, I'm Captain Joe Bruni, and what I'm going to talk about, is how to stop choking in the infant victim. The infant victim must first be placed in the rescuer's arm, supporting the head, and chest area on the forearm. Find a place where you can sit with the victim, placing them head down, and supporting the head. You will then deliver a series of five back blows, and five chest thrusts, in succession, so it would be one, two, three, four, five. Roll the victim over, supporting the head and body, on the other forearm, and deliver five chest thrusts, in succession, until the object has been dislodged. After a series of five back blows, and chest thrusts, if it has not been dislodged, then repeat the process, of back blows and chest thrusts, until the item is dislodged from the infant. I'm Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we'll see you next time.


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