How to Make a Paper Chatterbox

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To make a paper chatterbox, fold a square piece of paper diagonally in half in both directions, fold in each corner, turn it over and fold each corner again. Create a paper chatterbox, writing in fortunes and numbers under each flap, with a demonstration from an experienced primary school teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, we're going to make a chatterbox. For this clip you'll need a sheet of A4 paper, a felt tipped pen and some scissors. To start of with, we've got an A4 sheet and I don't want it rectangular, I want a square so I'm going to take one corner and bring it down until it's parallel with it's other side diagonally. So get those two edges matching each other, fold it down and that rectangle now we don't need. When we open that up, it will be a complete square. This is extra. This is a perfect square. So I folded it on one diagonal already, fold it across the other diagonal and that will give you the center of the square. There is is, the center of the square. Now each corner has to be folded in to touch the center of the square and mount that line. Open it out, center of the square, fold it, center of the square and just run your finger along that fold and that's ready with the square in the middle. Now then each of those goes in to touch the middle, looks a bit like an envelope and turn the whole thing right over with those flaps touched in, now each of these goes into the corner in turn one, and fold it, two and fold it, three and press it down and four and press it down. So we've got a much smaller square now. Now just to give us a chance to fold things easily, we're going to fold it in half that way and a big press down, open it up and then half the other way and a big press down and open it up. Now then it should go easily into that little shape. That's how we had it, that's where the folds were, push it all in and pinch as you push so that there is a little bit that opens up and a thumb can go in there, here's another one and a thumb can go in there, here's another one for a thumb or a finger and here's another one for a thumb or a finger. And you should find if you've put a thumb in there, a finger in there from that hand and with the other hand, thumb and finger you can open it and open it. It'll open that way or it'll open that way. That's lovely little movement you've got there, you can make it open and close it's mouth like that if you'd like or like that. But some people like to decorate it in a different way. Some people like to make a little game of it and give people choice so I'm going to put some letters on the outside, I'm going to put a 'ter' on that one, I'm going to put a 'wer' on that one. Here I think I'll put a 'srr', it isn't a word, it's just letters that you can choose. And here's a 'brr'. Now then people will have a choice of that and then you have a choice of a number so let's put the numbers going around here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Now you'll notice that these flaps come up, each of those flaps come up, so under the flaps, you have to write the fortune of the people that choose the numbers. So this side will say that you're cheeky. Here we'll put you are ace. That's a nice one to find, isn't it? Fold it all back up again. Get your thumbs and fingers in, all ready and then you find your friend and you say what letter do you want, do you want a W, an S, a B or a T? 'wer', 'ter', 'brr' or 'srr' and they'll go, I'd like a srr, so you'll go sss like that and then you open it there and you say do you want a 1, a 2, a 5 or a 6? I'd like a 6, so you go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You wanted a 6, OK, do you want a 1, a 2, a 5 or a 6 this time? If they choose number 8, they wouldn't have found, they would have gotten you are ace. If they chose number 1, they would got go away. So it's a bit of fun and it gets you talking to everybody in the playground or everybody that you know. And you can open it and close it and decorate it in much more fancy ways then I've had time for. That's how to make a paper chatterbox.


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