What Is Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety?

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Hormonal imbalance anxiety occurs when there is an imbalance in hormone levels, and taking supplements to balance the hormones is a common treatment. Learn the difference between different kinds of anxiety with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on anxiety.

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Video Transcript

I'm Dr. David Thomas. I'm a practicing psycho therapist with the Whitford Thomas group in Tampa, Florida, here to discuss what is hormonal imbalance anxiety. Hormonal imbalance anxiety would be an anxiety that is created by some imbalance in the system. And when we talk about anxiety, there's probably, you can look at maybe in three areas. Most anxiety is created by the thinking, the thoughts that we have about ourselves, about the world around us, about others. It's that thinking that drives that mood, that that state of anxiety. Sometimes we can take a medication or we can have some, something happen into our system, some virus or such that can often times create a very similar sensation that we may coin or phrase anxiety. And then certainly with this hormonal imbalance anxiety, there's clearly something going on in the system that's not, that's negatively effecting the system. With hormonal imbalance anxiety, how would you go about treating that? Well, certainly you would work more closely with a physician taking blood tests and all that to see if you have some depletion or decrease of certain hormones in the system. And the the logic would be that if they're able to balance the system, the anxiety would go away. The interesting piece to that is is it simply just an imbalance in the system or is there a lot of thinking that's going on as well? I mean, are you focused on the future a lot? Are you catastrophizing awful lot? Is it about certain life events? Do you have this kind of poor self efficacy where you really don't believe you can cope or handle life events very effectively. So the thinking, and you know, since I'm a cognitive behavior psycho therapist, my bent is really towards trying to help people to change that thinking so they effect a better state for themselves. Well, hopefully I've provided you some information regarding hormonal imbalance and anxiety that's been helpful to you. From beautiful, sunny Tampa, Florida, I'm Dr. David Thomas.


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