What Is Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth creates a personal area network between a car and a cell phone, a cell phone and an ear piece, or a computer and a cell phone. Understand Bluetooth connections with helpful information from a digital lifestyle specialist in this free video on electronics.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert. And we're discussing what is Bluetooth? I mean we hear this terminology all the time. Oh, this phone has Bluetooth, this computer has Bluetooth, my car has Bluetooth. Well, let me break it down for you. Basically, Bluetooth creates a personal area network. Well, what's that? Well we've heard of a local area network, a LAN, or a wide area network, a WAN, well a local area network is normally right there in your business, you've got your cat five cables connecting everything, your wide area network is using the Internet, or dedicating lines to connect large things together. Well, your personal area network, is right around you. A Bluetooth is actually a radio protocol. In fact, there are seventy nine different frequencies that they operate within, so two things can talk to each other. Where is this most often used? Well gosh, most often using a wireless headset to your cellular phone. Cellular phone has Bluetooth built into it, which means it can accept and receive, now this is a transceiving type of device, meaning that it can transmit and receive. Again, just like your wireless headset for your phone, if you have one, or like one showing here. You put it in your ear and you can hear what's somebody is saying, because it's being received, and transmitted from your phone, and you can speak so it transmit from the Bluetooth, all the way down to the phone. I personally think it's fascinating, especially with the Bluetooth devices that are itty bitty, teeny, weeny, like showing here, because inside of this little guy is a antenna, a receiver, and a transmitter, and a battery, and a speaker, and a button, and a casing, and so on and so forth. But, what it can be used for, is the transmission of information, like a phone call, or data. A phone like this, the iPhone can send information or receive information from a computer. If I've got a file that I need to take with me, mobile, I will connect by a Bluetooth, and it will transmit at, not too much of a robust one megabyte per second. Not lightning fast speed, but it'll definitely get the job done. Or if I take some information about somebody or a client out in the field, and I need to get it back to my interior network, or to my laptop, all I have to do is transfer the information that way. A lot of the accessory laptops will do Bluetooth. In fact, some of the, a lot of the applications in the iPhone will utilize Bluetooth technology to control other things. So for instance, with an application here, I can use the Bluetooth technology to control my iTunes. So if I'm having a party, or playing something, I could walk around and visually see and send commands back and forth to other devices. Wireless Bluetooth keyboards, wireless Bluetooth mices, mouses, meeces, you name it, it's a great protocol, not highly secure, so when Jack Bower is running around on talking on his Bluetooth, it can be easily scanned. There are some pass codes and protocols, it's coming a long way. The biggest thing was to set up something the industry could agree on. So that is Bluetooth. Use it, love it, know it. I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert.


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