What Is the Most Common Air Conditioning Problem?

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The most common problems with air conditioning are related to the functioning of the air compressor and the freon level. Find out how to recharge a cooling system with help from a plumber and HVAC tech in this free video on air conditioning.

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Video Transcript

You are going to come into a problem here and there where your air conditioner whether it is a window unit or an outside unit gets to the point where it don't want to cool as well as it did when you got it brand new. This one I decided to take out of the window and I hear what they tell me it is not cooling properly. The first thing I am going to want to do is I am going to grab me my air compressor and I am going to take all these fans and I am gong to blow them out real good because a lot of times you get a lot of dust inside these and it is going to stop them from working properly. One other thing that might be a problem with these is your freon level. Your freon is the coolant that they put inside the lines that actually cools your air. Now you might have to go with this certain kind of contractor that actually works with window air conditioners and they are going to be able to tell you what you need to do or actually what they need to do because you have got to be licensed to be able to work with freon so most likely you are going to have to actually hire a professional to be able to recharge these systems if need be. Now if you are working with your outside unit you are pretty much running into the same kinds of problems and most likely your freon level might be running a little bit low and once again you are going to have to hire your local heating and cooling experts to come through and recharge your system. Now when they recharge your system you want to make sure that they check for leaks because if you are running out of freon chances are you have got a leak in your line somewhere so have them come out and check it for leaks and recharge it with the freon and when they do this be very happy with the results of your new air conditioner.


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