How Can I Make a Movie Trailer?

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Making a movie trailer, whether the movie has been made yet or not, requires establishing the story, introducing the characters and including catchy, funny, scary or action-filled scenes to grab the viewer's interest. Create a movie trailer to attract viewers and funds with helpful tips from an independent filmmaker in this free video on film.

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Alright, in this clip we're going to talk about, how you can make a movie trailer. First, you obviously need a movie. So go out and shoot that. And that's a whole other clip to talk about that. So once this is done, you have the pieces of the puzzle. The other scenario would be, you haven't shot the movie yet. And you want to use this trailer as a way to secure funding, interest and studio backing. A lot of people do that as well. In which case, you treat it like a short film. And you still have to go in and shoot the individual components. So you could piece it all together. Basically, the DNA of a trailer is this. You establish the story, establish the characters. Hook them with any number of you know, catchy scenes. Witty dialogs, funny moments, scary moments, exciting moments. And you slowly crescendo these moments into a faster and faster build up. Until you nail them with a knock up, punch the end. And really hook their interest. It's easy to you know, if you know the story. That you're hoping to tell. As you know, a feature. It's easy to create a trailer for something like this. Even if you haven't shot a single frame yet. Just make sure you write out each and every beat of the trailer. The key to doing this, is to again, clearly emphasize. The setting in which the story takes place. Then to clearly establish each and everyone of your character. At least your main characters. The characters that the audience is going to be taking this journey with. That is incredibly important, as well. As far as actually making this trailer. All you need is you know, a home editing software. Such as Final Cut Pro. Most of these programs are relatively cheap. Compared to going to a professional post production facility. I mean, you're only going to spend about thousand dollars or so. On your very own, very own professional home editing system. You compile all the shots that you've taken. And just start piecing into together. And it's very much you know, you have to feel it out. It's not something you can explain, mathematically. You have to watch it. And you have to feel the tempo and the energy. Match it with the music and everything. But basically, that is the way that you make a trailer. Summarize your story, deliver it to an audience in an edgy way. And yeah, hope that they want to watch.


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