How to Create a Process Flowchart

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In order to create a process flowchart, open Microsoft Word and insert the specific levels of division. Make a process flowchart for describing how pieces of a process work together with help from a software developer in this free video on creating flow charts.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to create a process flowchart. Now a process flowchart is useful for describing how multiple pieces of a single process work together and how they're related. So I'm going to go to the computer and we're actually going to draw one. Then just open up Word. Now we're going to create a process flowchart for how you controlling your remote works with your television and how your television relies upon the electrical company. So I'm going to first insert my levels of division for my process chart. I'm going to go to the insert shapes, I'm just going to pick a line here. Now if I go to insert shapes and click on a line, there we go, took it that time. I'm going to draw a line and this is going to be dividing the items in my flowchart. I'm going to have three levels of division so I'm going to drop another line into here. Now I'm going to put some text objects to define those levels. Actually I can just go and type it so I'm going to say here viewer and then we're going to have over here television and then over here we're going to have electricity. Now what we have to do is we have to define objects for our flowchart so go to shapes, flowchart and let's just drop one of these process objects here. I'm going to draw a little box here, I'm going to right click on it and add text that says remote control. That is our level in this process. I'm going to put another one in, I'm going to call it the television which is another level in this process. Now I'm right clicking on them going to add that text and then I'm typing text inside of these objects. Now a television relies on the home electricity which therefore relies on the electric company. So it's going to have actually two objects. Home electrical system and then electrical company. Now to define how these objects relate to each other, we're just going to draw lines between them. So go to shapes, I'm going to grab a double arrow and my remote control relies on my television, I'm going to insert another double arrow, my television relies upon the home electrical system. I'm going to insert another double arrow for how the home electrical system relies upon the electrical company. This is a simple process flowchart that shows how the electricity company relates to the television which relates to me. My name is Dave Andrews and I've showed you how to draw a process flowchart.


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