Back, Waist & Lower Abdomen Toning Exercises

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In order to tone the back, waist and lower abdomen, try doing reverse hyperextension and a figure-eight exercise for the low abs. Find out how to reduce waist size in the oblique area with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Video Transcript

Hey, OK so this is all about how to tone up those problem areas of the low back, the waist and the abdomen. First of all there are lots of things you can do for this but I'm just going to show you a few of them. First of all, for your low back this is a great exercise, it's great for strengthening, for toning and also for overall flexibility. This is called a reverse hyper extension and this is also great for toning your glutes and what you want to do is sort of get in kind of a high push up position and you're going to come forward a little bit there and you're just going to raise your feet up to the ceiling in the air like that and come back down. And most toning motions need to be pretty particular, you want to be very, very intentional with your motions. It helps if you want to come up here and kind of pause and do very small wind up motions but just come down there. And I like to give it a good squeeze at the end and you can see coming up that I'm squeezing those glutes. And you're just sort of reverse hyper extending that low back. OK next I'm going to show you a little something for your waist. And you can do this with or without a stability ball. In fast I'll tell you what, let's do it without just for kicks. This is called a wiper. Depending on your fitness level you can do this with straight or bent legs. I'm going to show you straight. You're going to come out there, feet up and you go side to side like that. And what you want to do is go only as far as you can go without your opposite shoulder coming off the floor. So make sure that stays flat and you don't want to use momentum, you don't want to swing, you don't want to drop. You want to place, OK? And that's going to help whittle that waist in that oblique area, alright? And thirdly we're going to talk about the low abdomen which really makes the swimsuits pop in the summertime. This is one of my favorite ones, it's called a figure 8 and it's actually a great exercise for your low abs. Some people also call this a medicine ball exchange which you can do this with or without a medicine ball, OK? I'm going to show you here without. First you're going to get in a crunch position, you're going to elevate your knees to about a 90 degree angle and you're just going to come up here and clap like that. OK? Now for you rock stars that need a little more resistance, you can literally just exchange like that. Alright? And that's really going to tighten up that low abdomen. And those are some great toning exercises for your lower back, your waist and your lower abdomen.


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