What Muscles Does the Elliptical Work?

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The elliptical exercise machine causes all of a person's muscles to engage, including their pull muscles in their back and biceps. Feel the burn of an elliptical machine in the quads and calves with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Video Transcript

So this is all about what muscles the elliptical works. Now the simple answer to this question is it works whatever muscles you want it to work. The elliptical is great because all of your muscles are engaged and I have got my little program set here on the machine. A lot of it is also dependent on the machine that you are using but I am going to show you a couple of things. First of all going forward on the elliptical what you are doing if you are constantly engaging your pull muscles in your back and your bicep, lock your shoulder girdle and pull on those upper handles then down below you are really feeling a burning in those quads and calves because you are extending your ankle and flexing almost like a walking running motion. Just make sure that you are conscious of both of those things and you have got a lot going, reverse the direction and you can get a push with your upper body, just tense and again you can adjust the tension setting on the machine, dig down on your heels and feel your hamstrings and gluts work. So it's up to you, push and pull, hamstrings and quads and those are the muscles you will burn working on the elliptical.


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