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Home remedies for treating burns include the use of aloe vera, raw honey and a liquid extract of arnica. Use home remedies to treat mild burns, but seek medical help for more serious burns with help from a certified herbal information specialist in this free video on home remedies and herbal medicine.

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Hi, I'm Trina Sims of Green Star Herbs and today we're going to talk about some home remedies for burns. Most burns are minor, first or second degree and can be treated at home. A first or second degree leaves redness or minor blistering. We get most of these from cooking, household maintenance activities, and recreational activities. Any third degree burn in which the skin is charred, chemical burns, burns larger than the size of the palm of the person who is burnt, so on a child that's going to be much smaller, burns with deep bubbling blistering, and any burn where material is melted to or somehow stuck to the skin requires the attention of a doctor. For those minor burns that we can treat at home, there are some very mild, very effective remedies. We're all familiar with the common Aloe Vera Plant, the gel or juice of this plant is your line of aid against burns. Rinse the burn first in cool water before you use any of these home remedies. If you're going to use Aloe, simply break off a leaf, split it, and apply the interior gel directly to the burn, or use one of the commercial preparations of Aloe Vera juice. Another safe, very efficacious and very pleasant remedy is to make a poultice of honey. Your local, raw honey is going to be the best, but any honey will be useful. You can use it full strength or mix it up to half and half with water. Rinse that off several times a day and reapply. It's antibacterial and it'll help speed the healing process, just like Aloe Vera. For adults another good option is a liquid extract of Arnica. Arnica is never, ever, ever to be used over a large surface, to be used on broken skin, or to be taken internally except as a homeopathic preparation, which is a highly dilute form of Arnica. In general, we don't use Arnica for children. I hope this has given you some ideas of safe and effective home remedies for minor burns. Thank you!


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