How to Clean a Car That Has a Very Dirty Interior

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A car with a dirty interior should be vacuumed before wiping down all of the vinyl surfaces, after which the carpets should be shampooed and the windows cleaned. Discover ways to use a carpet extractor on cloth upholstery with help from a professional car detailing specialist in this free video on auto detailing and cleaning.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Nick Charette and we're here at Conga Auto Spa and today we're going to tell you how to clean a pretty dirty interior. First you start with vacuuming the interior and then we wipe down all of the vinyl surfaces and after that is done we will shine all of the vinyl surfaces to protect it and it also makes it look a little better. If you have cloth seats we will shampoo the seats. If they are leather we will clean them and condition them. We will shampoo the carpets and the floor and then finally we will do all of the windows on the inside and we also like to do a complimentary wash. Alright we are going to start off showing you how to vacuum. We usually start off with the seats and then we move to the floors so you just want to get into every little crevice and try to pretty much go top to bottom and get everything you can see. Make sure you flip the seat back all the way and get in there and then once that is all set you move right on to the floor and try to go top to bottom here too so you are not double backing on yourself. Alright now once you are done vacuuming very thoroughly and get all the dust out of all the little crevices that you can we move on to cleaning all the vinyl and surface areas with a general purpose cleaner. You can pick this up pretty much anywhere, Wal-Mart, any auto parts store, Simple Green works great. This one is an industrial one that we get but it's all the same. So you just mist it on. You can mist it on the actual surface or on the cloth it is up to you. It's your own personal preference. You let it sit and work for a little bit to try to get the grime that you can and can't see because most of the times you can't see it all and you just work it in there with a cloth and make sure you wipe everything. You can also take a brush and get in every little crevice. Most of the time you can't see it all as I said so a brush is a really good idea and you just wipe it until it is dry, until it is clean. You might have to do it again but it depends on how dirty the vehicle is and once you are done with one section you move on to the next. After this we will have to shampoo and in this case we have to shampoo the seats and the carpets and then we will follow it up with cleaning the windows. Now we are going to move on to shampooing the vehicles. Most people don't do this as often as they should but we really recommend you do it at least once a year. Grime that you can't see builds up and it just compounds on itself so we like to start with the seats first, that's the trickiest part. The easiest way to do it for a real beginner is just lay the seat all the way back and that way you have the flattest surface to work with and you just start top to bottom and with ours we just start with a carpet extractor. You press this lever and it shoots out a hot solution to help break out the dirt and you just suck it up out there so I'll show you how it is done. Alright after vacuuming and cleaning the interior and all the vinyl surfaces and shampooing all the surfaces that you can and shining and protecting it we lastly do the windows. We use a general glass cleaner, Windex whatever you would like that you can pick up at your local store and you spray a little bit of concentrate on it and let it sit for a little bit, at least five seconds to let it help get rid of the gunk on it and then you take a nice towel. We have industrial window cleaning towels but you can use pretty much any kind of towels that you would like, microfiber towels work great and we like to box out the window twice and apply lots of pressure, as much as you can and then come back and fill it in and then you flip the rag over and you do it again so you get all the streaks and whatever you may have missed and then you would like to take a look at the window from an angle and make sure that you have not missed anything and at that point you move to the outside window because you want it all to look great, once again you spray it on, let it sit, box it out, fill it in and wipe it down. That's all there is to it. Now that the windows are done the interior is finished being cleaned. We have vacuumed. We have cleaned all the surfaces. We have shampooed everything that we can. We have cleaned the windows like I just said. We have protected everything. It is a pretty difficult process but if you have the time and the equipment it can be done. If you have the know how it can be done. It's not really that hard once you get to it. It really is something that you should be doing.


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