How to Tie a Square Knot Bandanna

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Tying a square knot bandanna is generally done starting with the bandanna folded diagonally, wrapped around the head and tied in the back before tucking the excess underneath the knot. Tie a square knot bandanna with instructions from a rock climbing instructor in this free video on knot tying.

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Video Transcript

Hello. This is Andrew Reynolds and today I'm going to show you how to make a square knot bandana. And, of course, all you need is your head and a bandana. Now we're not going to be tying this from the square portion, we're actually going to be using one of the diagonal corners. So go ahead and allow, if you have your print on the front, you're going to want to allow the kind of a triangle fold backwards so you have a little bit of a flat shape right here. Go ahead and turn it over and then from kind of a side view here, you're just going to let it kind of drape behind your head. And pull it down to where it's just a nice place to be on your forehead. Just let that sit there a second and then just kind of trace backwards with your hands to find the two corners that go next. Pull that straight behind your head. And just kind of take your right hand and place it over your left hand, strand, and pull it tight. Somewhat tight, not completely all the way. Take this point to kind of make sure that everything is feeling correctly. And this portion that's now tucked under that original knot you created, go ahead and bring that up just a little bit. Just because we want to secure that in place. Pull that first knot a little bit tight, just to where you want it. Now you're going to secure it by placing your left hand over your right hand, hence the square knot. And pull that tight. Now you'll be able to come back around to the front, just make sure everything is in place. And it's a great way to stay cool on a hot day. And that in it's essence is your square knot bandana. Thanks for watching.


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