How to Tie a French Knot

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Tying a French knot is appropriate in women's fashion to affix a 3-inch scarf around the neck. Adjust a French knot to hang off to the side of the neck with instructions from a rock climbing instructor in this free video on knot tying.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Andrew Reynolds and today I'm going to show you a traditional French knot for most women's fashion. Forgive me for being a man, but I know how to do it anyways. Basically, if women don't have a three-inch scarf, they can take one of their long, larger squares of fabric and kind of fold it up until you get to nice three inches of fabric. And normally, you would come at it from the front and kind of bring it back around; but just, since I'm a man and I only have my handkerchief, I'll just show you for this purpose. So of course, before you would have loop it around to the back; but we'll just start from that point and bring it out to the front. Now for the traditional French knot, it's kind of a little bit off to the side, but you don't have to start off to the side if it's more convenient for you. So what you want to do now is take your right hand, place it over your left hand, bringing that strand up through the top; you're just tying a very simple knot right there. Start to pull it over to the diagonal so it's in kind of corner of your neck and then once again, put your right hand over your left. Pull it up through that little loop you just made and then make sure it kind of stays off to the side. And that in essence is your traditional French knot. Now typically, you have a little bit more fabric came down here; so this will just be nice and cozy off to the side; don't have it too tight. Of course you don't want to caught off in a circulation. But if you're looking how to do a French knot, that is how it's done. Thanks for watching.


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