How to Make Knots for a Rope Ladder

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Making knots for a rope ladder can be done by tying secure knots at each rung and cinching off the bottom using a few overhand knots. Find out how to create a rope ladder from a few scrap broom handles with instructions from a rock climbing instructor in this free video on knot tying.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Andrew Reynolds and today I'm going to show you a knot typically used for rope ladders so that you can make some for your kids so they can have fun with their tree house. Of course, you'll already have your ropes pre-exisisting hanging from your tree limb and then you can just find a old broom stick depending on how little your kids are. If you need something stronger, go to the hardware store and find something that will suit your needs. But the basic knot that you're going to need to do is as such. So what you're going to do is with your rope that's hanging down, kind of take, take from the back of it and fold over the front, like so, so you have a little bit of a loop there and then this part that's in your hand here, you're just going to twist around until the rope that was originally on the outside is on the back and you're going to kind of push it through that knot there and then you're just going to pull that through so that you got kind of a knot on the top and the bottom, and then you have this little loop here, coming out. And then you take your dowel rod or plank or whatever you need to at that point and put it in there and then you're going to cinch up from the bottom. Just give it a little push and then the weight from the rope ladder will just kind of...this knot here, of course, as the string goes down, you'll just continue to put more and more ropes in it. In the bottom, you might put a few overhand knots just to cinch it off. And of course for that, you just need to loop it over itself once and pull it through. Now I'll show you this one more time with the other ropes that you'll be able to see exactly what we're talkin' about. Once again, the rope that's hanging down, you're just going to form a little bit of a loop that goes over the front part of it and then with the rope that's existing in this hand, you're just going to twist it around until you have that original rope that's the one that you're working with. You pull that a little bit. Of course, typically, you have a lot more rope at the bottom of this. This would just be the first rung, but we're just going to show you one here. You'll be able to repeat this process over and over again until you have as many ropes and rungs as you need. So there you have it. Your basic knots used to make a rope ladder. Thanks for watching.


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