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Improving HDL levels may not get at the root of a health issue, but improving a diet, eating higher-quality foods and concentrating on overall nutrition is a great way to maintain cholesterol levels. Improve cholesterol in the body with helpful information from a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist in this free video on alternative medicine.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Charlotte Skiles. I am a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist with Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting located in Austin, Texas. And the topic I will be discussing right now is improving your HDL level. So HDL is considered by most people to be good cholesterol while LDL is considered to be bad cholesterol. I'm going to proceed with a bit of an education here because I don't believe there to be good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. I believe there to be cholesterol and here's why. HDL is labeled good cholesterol because it is cholesterol moving from the tissue to the digestive tract to leave the body. So the idea here is that cholesterol is leaving the body which is good because cholesterol is a cause of disease. I'm asserting that that is not true. LDL cholesterol is considered bad because it is delivering tissue from the digestive tract in the liver to the tissue that is demanding it. So that is considered bad in terms of it's not leaving the body, it's going to the tissue in the body. Now LDL cholesterol, the so called bad cholesterol, represents 60 to 80% of the circulating cholesterol in your blood. It is the dominant type. I don't believe that the body makes something like that to be bad, it's there to address something in the system. So cholesterol has an association with disease processes in the body. That doesn't mean causation and that's where our thinking has been a little bit skewed. So how does one address increasing HDL? What you want to do is increase the health and vitality of the body. Very often what I see is that people are inflamed and stressed. Those two processes in the body, inflammation and stress, increase cholesterol. That doesn't mean that cholesterol is the cause of disease, it means that the body is responding to something with making that cholesterol, OK? So cholesterol is a precursor to all the stress and sex hormones in the body and as well as I said, acts as an anti-inflammatory so if you're inflamed, which also has an association with stress, then your cholesterol levels will go up. So I'm not sold on the idea of just increasing good cholesterol for the sake of increasing good cholesterol, you want to address the background noise in the system, where is the body's wisdom in this? Is the person eating a food that they're allergic to and there's a constant immune response where the body has to make cholesterol in order to put out the inflammatory process. That's one of many, many possibilities. So those are the thoughts that I have regarding the concept of increasing HDL cholesterol.


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