What Is Borage Oil?

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Borage oil is oil from the seed of the borago officinalis plant. It is a good source of gamma linolenic acid, which aids in regulating the inflammatory processes of the body. Add borage oil supplements to a diet to help with inflammatory conditions with tips from a wellness educator and herbal medicine specialist in this free video on alternative medicine.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Charlotte Skiles. I am a clinical herbalist and nutrition consultant for Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting located in Austin, Texas. And today's question is what is borage oil? Well borage oil comes from the seed of a plant called borago officinalis and as we know, seeds contain the substance of life and each seed is packaged the life of a plant. So the oil that comes from that is very nutritious, as most seed oil are. And this particular oil is a source of GLA which is called Gamma Linolenic Acid. And this is a specific fatty acid that is fantastic for inflammatory, for modulating the inflammatory process in the body. So oils and fats compose all of the cell membranes in the body, I mean that's what gives cell definition. The cells exists in water, fat goes into the cell membrane and gives it it's structure. Now the quality of the fat in the cell membrane is what determines the ability of that cell to function properly. If you're eating quote unquote man made and highly processed refined fats, you are putting those fats into your cell membranes and inflammatory processes will ensue. When you add oils like borage oil into your diet or supplement with it, you have added an anti-inflammatory component into your cell membrane. So that's a beautiful aspect of borage oil making it useful for a lot of chronic degenerative inflammatory conditions that we see in the modern world. So those are the things I have to say about what is borage oil.


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