Disadvantages of Internet Advertising

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The disadvantages of Internet advertising include not being very personalized, not geared toward one target audience and being diluted in the vast abyss that is the Internet. Consider the disadvantages of Internet advertising before purchasing a piece of Web real estate with helpful advice from a management professor in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark and we're going to look at disadvantages of Internet advertising. Obviously, the Internet is the fastest growing medium on the planet right now and there's lots of really good things about it. Needless to say, it's got a huge worldwide coverage. But there are some downsides that you need to consider. Internet advertising is really an intangible in the sense that it's mass aims vehicle so, therefore, it's not really personalized. You can't really touch it, smell it, taste it or feel it and it's certainly not necessarily personalized. So, you could feel that maybe you're sending a broadcast message without any real form of direct interaction, pretty much like television advertising, except for bigger, much, much bigger. When you think of America, the numbers of people television advertising reaches, think again with Internet advertising, you know, you're talking about global reach. So, you must think about the benefits, obviously, the coverage, but the negatives being the actual message and the intangibility of that offering. So, carefully consider this if, indeed, you are spending money on Internet advertising, whether it actually works out in terms of the reach and benefit versus the coverage. As the Internet, obviously, has so much information, people are overloaded with data. And the effects on them again, if you think when you're watching television, you're overloaded with television advertisements, when you think about all the pop-ups and electrons and images that come your way on the Internet and the fact that you're probably specifically looking for some information, then you're not really taking in what's coming at you. It's not really being focused - you're not really focusing on what that message is. And, of course, at the end of the day, how credible is this message? You probably never heard of the company before. Are you comfortable spending money online? There are lots of issues here that need to be actually addressed and it probably will take some time before the numbers that you're thinking of are actually comfortable. Look at Amazon, for example, it took a long time before people got used to it. Of course now, they are, they use it regularly, but it's a step-by-step phase. So, Internet advertising, for sure, you get the reach that you're looking for, but whether you get the quality or the focus of the buyer, that's another issue.


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