What Are the Problems With Plasma Televisions?

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First-generation plasma televisions have picture degradation issues, and third- and fourth-generation plasma TVs consume more power than LCD televisions. Discover why a plasma TV may generate a little bit of heat with help from the owner of an electronics store in this free video on plasma televisions.

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What are the problems with Plasma Televisions? The first generation Plasma TV's did have some picture degradation issues, also the length of time that the pictures lasted were not as long as the third and fourth generation Plasmas, which really don't have any problems at all. If you could call it a problem, the power consumption is greater than an LCD TV, so it will use more electricity, and you'll feel a little bit of heat coming from the front of the screen but it's, it's not terribly out of the ordinary. The first generation Plasmas usually were used in institutions and commercial setups, because they were you know, in the twenty to thirty thousand dollar range for a TV set, so the only, the only places that really could afford that were airports and big hotels and office complexes, where they would be left on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. So, after a while, that's a lot of time for a television set so, they did develop some problems. But, the newer generation TV's have usually between sixty and a hundred thousand hours of time before failure. That sometimes translates into twenty three to twenty seven years under normal circumstances, under normal viewing circumstances.


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