How to Treat Pulled Muscles

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Pulled muscles can be treated with hot and cold showers for blood circulation, liniments, massage therapy, light stretching and relaxation. Consult a doctor to find out the best way to treat pulled muscles with help from a professional bodybuilder in this free video on health and fitness.

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Video Transcript

Say you've pulled a muscle and you're looking for something to relieve that pain. The first and foremost thing I would say to do is to take a cold and hot showers. That's going to help get the blood circulation flowing, maybe that's going to relieve some of that pain. Secondly I would say use liniments, there's great things with menthol in them that's going to help loosen up that area, again it's going to help promote blood flow. But the most important thing I can think of is seek physicians helps. Besides those two things, you could also consult a massage therapist, physical therapists, those are great ways to get in with someone who's a professional. If those don't help, the best thing I could advise is seek your local doctor, they are going to be able to diagnose what to do for you next. If it's a minor pull and you know that, say you've pulled your calf, light stretching is always recommended. But basically time, you're going to need time to relax, not work that muscle, maybe take a protein shake in, protein always promotes healing and just relax. Take that time off and come back better than ever.


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