How Long Does It Take to Detoxify the Body?

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The time frame for detoxifying the body with water depends on a person's size, weight and height, as well as their nutrition. Aid the body's detoxification process by taxing an antioxidant with vegetables, fruits, good proteins and good fats with help from a professional bodybuilder in this free video on health and body detoxification.

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Video Transcript

The time frame for detoxing your body with water depends on the following things. A, what your size is, how much your weight and your height. B, you're also going to consider into factor what your nutrition is. If you're taking an antioxidant with vegetables, fruits, good proteins, good fats. C, it's also going to depend on how many stimulants or additives like salt, caffeine, how much of that in general you're taking in per day. Metabolism also plays a big part in detoxifying your body with water. It depends on how fast your metabolism is moving, that's also based on your height and your weight and how your nutrition is. If you're in good health, you don't take any medications, I would say 12 to 24 hours you could start to see some changes maybe in your sluggishness, maybe you're not going to have as many headaches but definitely you know you're detoxifying with water once your urine starts becoming clear consistently. So with water detoxifying will be pretty quick generally within a couple day you're going to notice. If you're detoxifying with other things like colon cleanses, antioxidants, different herbal teas, it could take up to a month. It just depends, they all vary and you do want to talk to your physician about doing these type of detoxes. These are a little more than just doing it with water so you want to make sure that you do have some professional advice.


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