Does Distilled Water Contain Salt?

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Distillation is the process of boiling and recollecting water so that the only remaining molecules are hydrogen and oxygen molecules, meaning that distilled water doesn't contain salt. Find out how to distill water with help from a science teacher and field biologist in this free video on chemistry.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brian with, Today we're going to discuss whether or not distilled water has salt in it. So, in order to understand this question, we need to understand what distillation actually is. To distill something, so if we're going to distill water, what we're first going to do is we're going to heat it, and heat it to the point that it starts to boil. All of the water vapor is going to rise, and then through this contraption that you have set up, you then make the water vapor condense and go into a separate container that's nice and clean and ready and able to collect your water. So, in the process of the boiling and recollection, you now should, in your new container, just have water molecules, so just oxygen and hydrogen, and left behind in your old container, should be all the solids and impurities that originally existed in your water. So, to answer the question, does water, distilled water contain salt, it shouldn't. It should be pure water.


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