Medication for Children With Asthma

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Children with asthma will often see two types of medication, including albuterol, which relieves the symptoms, and corticosteroids, which prevent attacks and decrease swelling in the airways. Discover why it's so important to follow up with doctors who are treating a child for asthma with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on asthma treatments.

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Video Transcript

Medication for children with asthma. It depends on the age of the child and how much they understand and how compliant they are with what you're telling them. It's always the best to have the child diagnosed properly by a licensed physician of course, and do a follow up, and also keep a diary of what triggers the asthma in the child so that you can monitor the child better. The more education the better with asthma. Getting your child to understand and to know that that child is not different than another child is very important. It makes the child more compliant. But there are at least two types of medication that you will see over and over. One of those is albuterol which relieves the asthma symptoms. It's a bronchodilator, it opens up the bronchial tubes and the other one is a corticosteroid which prevents attacks and it decreases swelling in the airways and that's a long term type medication. Sometimes they're mixed and you can put them both in a small cup with a nebulizer and put a mask with large holes on the side of the mask there's holes and then the child can sit and read a book, or they can watch t.v. and they can relax while they take their breathing treatments. So albuterol and corticosteroid can be mixed together in a nebulizer under a doctor's prescription. And follow up is most important to be able to see if the medication is working properly on your child.


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