How to Move a Cat to a New House

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When moving a cat to a new house, it's important to use a crate and to set up a space for the cat before introducing them to a new environment. Place objects in familiar locations for a cat that's moving to a new home with help from a veterinarian in this free video on cat care.

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Let's talk about how to move a cat to a new home. And this can be a traumatic experience for a lot of cats, because basically cats don't travel very much unless they're going to a veterinary clinic or moving, and so they automatically are suspicious and nervous about it. And so, the the basic things that help cats into a new scenario or a new home would be, first of all, to use a crate. Crates make a lot of cats feel more secure, so you know, instead of just carrying a cat and traveling with it, or moving it into a new situation keeping it in a crate is going to be much safer for you and the cat. Number two is going to be it's going to be better if the home is set up a little bit before this cat goes into the new home. Obviously, if a cat goes in and there are boxes everywhere, and lots of people moving and pulling stuff out and making a lots of noise that is extremely stressful for a cat. Number three is using some familiar items like the litter box that they were using at the other home, or bedding, or toys, or things like that. Placing objects in kind of familiar areas, like if the litter box was in the bathroom doin' the same thing, and these familiar items in those areas can help this cat adjust as well. Now lastly, some cats require something to help them along medicinally, and check with your veterinary clinic if you think that using a sedation, or sedative, or something like that to make things a lot easier for that transition is needed, and what you can do is give that medication a time before you transition to the new home and sometimes for a couple of days, and that can take that anxiety off and that edge off a little bit, and allow that transition to go much, much more smoothly.


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