How to Erase Songs From an iPod Hard Drive

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Erase songs from an iPod hard drive by opening up iTunes on a computer, deleting the songs from the iTunes library, connecting the iPod to the computer and waiting for the syching process to complete. Delete songs from either the computer hard drive, the iPod hard drive or both with instructions from the manager of a cell phone store in this free video on iPods.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ben from The Cell Phone Broker at San Jose, California. And today I'm going to show you how to remove songs from your iPod. There's no way to do it directly from you iPod. What you have to do is sync it with your computer and then delete it from your iTunes library. That's just the way that Apple designed the program. They don't want you to accidentally delete songs from your iPod by mistake and then not have them on your iPod anymore. So you have to do it from your computer and then sync it with your iPod and it will remove that song after the sync is complete. So, this song right down here, I don't want it on my iPod anymore. This remix one, so I'm going to go ahead and find it on my iTunes library by typing in the name of that song. Make sure you have the music icon selected underneath Library and then type in the name of that song that you don't want anymore. There it is, remix one. So I'm just going to hit delete. I'm going to hit remove and then I'm going to hit, move to trash and it will completely remove it from my computer as well as on my device once I sync it. So if you don't want to delete it from your computer, you just want to delete it from your iTunes library, so it doesn't get synced with your iPod or iPhone, what you have to do is hit save on computer when it comes up with that last message that says, move to trash. You just hit the other option which would be, save to computer. And once that's done it will remove that song from the iPod. I'm going to take my iPhone, I'm going to plug in the USB cable to the phone, and then plug in the USB cable to the computer. So, once I'm done with the sync, I can go in to the home menu, go in to my music folder, and then I can go back to that list that I was at before, and the remix one song is now gone from my device. I'm Ben from the Cell Phone Broker in San Jose, California. Check out our website at slash cell phone broker.


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