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Braces are used by dentists and orthodontist to realign teeth into a more desirable position for cosmetics and functionality purposes. Learn about the difference between traditional braces and Invisalign braces with information from a general dentist in this free video on dentistry and braces.

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Braces is a way of allowing us to move teeth in a more desirable positions that we see with patients. It's the most common procedure to help move teeth around into positions that we like and makes it typically not just cosmetically more enhancing but from a functional standpoints helps often times improve the ability to chew. It's been the gold standard for how we go about reshaping and moving teeth into different positions. While typically we see orthodontists doing braces, there are general dentists out there that will perform braces. As far as the range of time that braces are needed, it really depends on the situation. It's always treated on a case to case situation where some people may require only 6 months or orthodontics or braces while others can require years and multiple treatments of braces. It really depends on the history of the patient and as far as what situations that you present with. An example would be someone who just has some minor tweaking of the front teeth, maybe just a slight amount of crowding. They could use a procedure such as Invisalign which is clear braces to help move the teeth in more favorable positions which may take as little as 6 to 12 months. Whereas other circumstances where a patient may have what's called an under bite where there's a dramatic overlap, vertical overlap of the lower teeth with the upper teeth which doesn't require something like Invisalign but more like traditional braces which not only takes more time, but also may require a special surgery by an oral surgeon to correct that. So in terms of length of time for braces, it really depends on the situation the patient presents with but it also is determined by what kind of braces that the patient receives. That being the traditional braces with the typical brackets and wires or the clear braces also known as the Invisalign. Typically again, orthodontics or braces is typically done by orthodontist. While there are some general dentists placing them out there, it's kind of at the patient's discretion of one, what sort of end result they're hoping to achieve and certainly cost. Cost will obviously be more expensive with the specialist than the general dentist. But braces is an excellent way to reposition teeth and move them in a more favorable way.


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