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Get the HTML code for a hit counter to use on MySpace by searching the Internet for Web sites that offer free hit counters, and copying and pasting the code for the counter into a MySpace profile. Get e-mail updates from a hit counter with help from an experienced MySpace user in this free video on MySpace.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Erica, I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah and now I'm going to talk to you about how to put a hit counter HTML on your MySpace page. There's a specific way to add a hit counter to your MySpace page. One of the websites that would be a good resource is freecountercode.com. After the website has loaded, go down to the bottom where it says get you your free counter and click on that. Now you can choose from the many different styles that they have over here, so we're just going to pick one. And then scroll down and submit query. Now after you've submitted it, you will need to go to your MySpace page and copy and paste your URL. And then paste it on there. And then if you want the counter to record the hits or the visits of your actual space and then the number that you'd like to start your counter at, so we'll start it at 1,000 and just type whatever number you want. And then you can put in your e-mail address if you want updates and then you click submit and now here is the code for us to copy and paste into our website so we'll copy it. And then you'll go under edit profile on your MySpace page and just pick the spot that you'd like to add your calendar to and then right click under that spot and then click paste. Go back up and click save changes and then you can go to view my profile and then the counter will show up.


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